PowerShell Denver Event

Today I went to an in-person TechNet event on PowerShell at the Denver Microsoft office.  Don Jones (Blog |Twitter) led the event which was a 3 hour training / demo session covering an intro to PowerShell. There were over 100 people in attendance.

As a recreational user (and sometimes abuser)  of PowerShell for several; years, I still came away with a lot of tips. Don’s presentation style was engaging and 90 % demo based. He had a very conversational style and encouraged attendee interaction.

Here were a few of my takeaways:

Dot Source is Dead

With version 2.0, there is no longer any need to “Dot Source” scripts. Modules are the preferred approach and  they don’t take much extra effort.

Put it in your pipeline and smoke it

Definitely consider make your scripts pipeline aware. it’s really not that hard and allows you to get a lot of potential reuse. Personally, a lot of my scripts did not take advantage of this. I’m going to go back over them and see if it makes sense to update them.

Remoting Rocks

PSRemoting is definitely something that can be used in a lot of different ways. I need to spend some more time playing with this, as I often rdp into a remote server just to use the PowerShell console.

Back to Basics

Compare-Object, PSObject: I need to spend more time looking into these. Using them would have simplified several of my scripts.

The Road less Traveled

There were a few topics that I would have liked to see covered. I think these would have been useful to the target audience, which I took to be primarily desktop support and system administrators.

  • PowerShell job control
  • Passing parameters to legacy windows commands robocopy for example.
  • Dealing with UAC and Credentials (Don did cover this a little bit, I was surprised at how many people had UAC turned off)

Beef it’s what’s for Dinner

My only real complaint about this event was there were a few concepts such as $_ , Script blocks and the difference between () and {} that we had to overlook due to time constraints. This wasn’t much of a hindrance to me; but I could see where someone brand new to PowerShell would have gotten confused.

I suspect most of the audience hand enough experience with PowerShell that this wasn’t that big of a deal.

I’m definitely glad I went. I hope to be able to to steal incorporate some of the things I learned into my PowerShell for the Reluctant DBA / Database Developer presentation that I give.

Note to Microsoft: please bring back the free soda machines


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