The 2010 FogBugz and Kiln World Tour

I recently attended The 2010 FogBugz and Kiln World Tour event in Denver. I previously attended the last FogBugz event in Boulder and this event was just as good and was not plagued by the logistical issues of the boulder event from 2007.

I have been watching DVCS(Distributed Version Control Systems) gaining traction; but have been hesitant to move any work related projects to it. My main concern was how well these systems would work in windows environment and the potential pain of switching from our existing source control provider: SVN.

Here are the key points I took away from the presentation about DVCS:

  • Makes a copy of all history locally using Compressed diffs(Change sets) instead of versions
  • Separates the act of committing changes and sharing changes
  • you tend to have many smaller repositories as opposed to a single monolithic repository
  • using DVCS makes it easier and provides more options when you need to do a three way merge

The new features in Fogbugz were awesome and it looks like their support for bulk operations against many cases is well thought out and very user friendly. Fobugz and Kiln seem to be like peanut butter and jelly they just go better together.

The main cool integration between FogBugz and Kiln was the ability to create and perform code reviews.

Joel also hinted at the possibility that future versions of Kiln may support a pluggable SCM provider allowing for support for using GIt instead of mercurial for the underlying version control provider.

Here are some links that were given out during the presentation:




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